Slake No. 4: Revitalizing Los Angeles' Literary Scene

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The Idea


GOOD calls Slake "the literary journal that understands L.A." Slake is also one of the very few literary journals that pays its contributors. Help the editors fulfill their mission to revitalize the city's literary scene by financing 10 deeply reported pieces for its next issue.

The Specifics

Slake's co-founders and editors are spearheading a movement they call "Slow Lit" with deeply reported investigative journalism and a committed engagement with the city. An award from GOOD and EPIP LA would finance more than ten pieces for Slake Issue No. 4 and help the magazine continue “one of the freshest literary projects in recent history …. from the motliest of crews” (Nylon).

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Los Angeles Economic Development –rev.1

It is time to remake Los Angeles in the image of our boldest vision – a state of healthy communities with good schools and quality education, innovative companies in new and emerging sectors, quality open space, improved public transportation, a range of mobility and housing options; and above all, a prosperous and productive middle class equipped with the skills and education to create a better future.
It is time to get serious about designing a real economic development program linked to investments in healthy communities. I recently proposed to make Los Angeles the World Capital of Renewable Energy, Energy and Water Efficiency. We have the climate, the manpower, the resources and technology. We must promote energy and water efficiency in all sectors of LA’s economy. This by itself can save the city billions and bring many jobs and economic growth. We should promote real estate gentrification, affordable housing, urban infill building, economic development and clean tech sorted through the parts of redevelopment worth retaining and retooling and some newer elements of economic development necessary to realize this vision of healthy communities.

In the past five years many businesses in LA have closed down or moved out, there are many vacant properties, commercial and residential; many people moved out of LA, they could not afford the cost of living, the high taxation, the stifling bureaucracy and varied rules and regulations that choke business development.

We have a dysfunctional leadership in Los Angeles and crippling budget deficits are creating an environment of uncertainty for many companies who want to hire people, but are afraid to do so. Capital is stagnant and unattainable, frozen by an over swing of regulation and bureaucracy. This situation must change, or we are doomed.

It is imperative that we reverse this trend.

YJ Draiman


by YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA
almost 4 years ago | Reply

"Slow Lit" is such a great concept, and a good practice, too. My vote is for SLAKE.

by Sasha Anawalt
over 4 years ago | Reply

Slake makes me feel like someone cares about this city, in all its far-flung, concrete, hopeful glory, and wants to tell the stories that will teach us about each other and bring us together.

by anjodian
over 4 years ago | Reply

A worthwhile and noble endeavour.

by trishwaydelish
over 4 years ago | Reply

Joe Donnelly, you are a true man amongst men.

by sedale
over 4 years ago | Reply

Go Slake! Yay!

by savannaleigh
over 4 years ago | Reply


by Coy
over 4 years ago | Reply

I vote for Slake. A literary journal with a vision. granny carik

by pasadenamom
over 4 years ago | Reply

love that Slake is in Atwater!

by johnwnguyen
over 4 years ago | Reply

Los Angeles needs SLAKE. Good writing for a good city!

by sandow
over 4 years ago | Reply

L.A. is the Slake takeaway.

by sramosobriant
over 4 years ago | Reply

More slow lit for my slow life! Let's move slowly and with purpose!

by anzilove
over 4 years ago | Reply

I vote for SLAKE! It's a wonderful magazine and a valuable resource for literary LA. Great people, too.

by freakyfrites
over 4 years ago | Reply

Slake Love for LA and freakyfrites!

by anzilove
over 4 years ago | Reply

Great idea!

by Harry Shannon
over 4 years ago | Reply

Love Slake!

by eviedish
over 4 years ago | Reply

I wholeheartedly vote for SLAKE! Slake brings unique voices to print and fosters a vibrate local literary community, not only with the print product but with readings at small bookstores and parties with a purpose.
I love Slake.

by fifidelrey
over 4 years ago | Reply

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