Bicycle Kitchen's Earn-a-Bike Needs Locks, Lights and Helmets

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Bicycle Kitchen's Earn-a-Bike Needs Locks, Lights and Helmets

The Idea


The Bicycle Kitchen has an Earn-a-Bike Program where participants between 12 - 18 years earn a free bicycle from our donated frames and bikes. We do not have the resources to give them a helmet, lock or light for free. $2500 would allow us to give 30 kids these necessary items for their new ride!

The Specifics

Earn-a-Bike is our youth outreach program where participants between 12 - 18 years “earn” a complete bicycle through instruction and participation. It meets in 8 week sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 – 6pm. The program is run by Cooks (volunteers) who teach the kids bicycle mechanics, the value of earning their bike by participating in keeping the shop organized and of working together. Each session has between 5 - 10 participants. At the end of the session Cooks take EAB-ers on a couple of rides with borrowed helmets. Lights and helmets are legally required in LA and a lock is necessary for security. We would use the funds to purchase these items and give them to EAB grads along with their complete bike.

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If you want support this idea and plan you can always make a donation through their website:

Yayy for bicycles!

by chickenfoot
over 4 years ago | Reply

A worthy project idea dreamed up by deserving people.

by jawbone
over 4 years ago | Reply

wow! you guys are awesome. chceck me out at barrygeee.com

by barrygee
over 4 years ago | Reply

This project gives kids a tangible, concrete experience focusing their effort and achieving a goal. They leave the program with a skill-set immediately relevant to their quotidian experience: how to fix and work on their own bike. Modest though that may seem, that's knowledge that adds up to independence, freeing them one, extra degree from commercialism. But, the best part about the program? The kids get invaluable time with positive, responsible and "cool" male role models. This is a program that deserves support.

by caurle
over 4 years ago | Reply

Great idea! Bikes, kids, and community... I love it!

by Caliwild
over 4 years ago | Reply

By the way, our next EAB session starts on Tuesday, September 13th at 4pm!!!

by fireweed43
over 4 years ago | Reply

Great idea!! Kids learning how to build and maintain bikes is awesome!

by daf8704
over 4 years ago | Reply

What a great idea by a great organization. I Heart the Bicycle Kitchen!!!

by jennifer9966
over 4 years ago | Reply

Awesome grass roots program! Great to get young folks riding safely. Thanks GOOD magazine!

by suzipaloozi
over 4 years ago | Reply

if my tax player dollars aren't put into this idea, its cool with me.

by hellotouallandgoodbye
over 4 years ago | Reply

Your idea rules! Good luck!

by onefeathercreative
over 4 years ago | Reply

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