L.A Zine Fest 2012: It's For Everybody!

idea by LAZineFest
L.A Zine Fest 2012: It's For Everybody!

The Idea


The L.A. Zine Fest is being organized as a means to connect the pre-exisiting communities in L.A.--artistic or otherwise--via self-published materials. This FREE event is a chance for So-Cal zinesters and neophytes to come together to meet and swap with those from across the country and beyond.

The Specifics

The L.A. Zine Fest will create opportunities for people to both share their art and be inspired to make it. By exchanging ideas and embracing the urge to create, we can build a more robust and formidable community in L.A.; we can have something that extends beyond bookstores and bedrooms.

The Zine Fest committee is currently in the process of selecting a venue, but is stymied by lack of money. If awarded the GOOD L.A Fund, the entirety of the prize will go toward securing a venue, paying the ensuing costs (i.e. security, event insurance) and, most importantly, to keeping this Zine Fest free to all.

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by myleoneanne
over 4 years ago | Reply

The reason why this should win: Everyone else promoting their ideas here can go to LA Zinefest and spread awareness of their projects for further funding.

LA Zinefest is basically the giant shoe that will house all of these children. It is the most logical choice to give everyone a piece of this tasty $2500 pie...

by rebuckets
over 4 years ago | Reply

If we win and get this money, we will be using it to: Making a FREE event, secure a venue for the Fest, rent tables and chairs for vendors, make sure we have insurance and security (if needed), screenprint posters and t-shirts, organize zine readings and bands to play either at the fest or around town to celebrate the fest, promote the fest, print our guide to L.A zine for fest go-ers. This is going to be awesome and we'd love the support!

by rhea
over 4 years ago | Reply

If the L.A. Zine Fest is able to secure a date and a great venue, my girlfriend and I will fly across the country to sell our publication, I Love Bad Movies (ilovebadmovies.com). We will then put all of that money back into the local economy through taco purchases, museum admissions, and hang glider rentals. What could be better for Los Angeles than that?

by mattcarman
over 4 years ago | Reply

Boooyah, supporting local economy with hang glider rentals. The only thing better for LA than that is the LA Zine Fest!

by bibliophilekms
over 4 years ago | Reply

The L.A. Zine Fest checked out your site and wants you to bring EVERYTHING.

by LAZineFest
over 4 years ago | Reply

AWESOME! - Argot & Ochre like this!

by danielrolnik
over 4 years ago | Reply

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